Amazon Prime Day 2022 date prediction – plus will there be a second Prime Day in 2021?

This is when I expect Prime Day 2022 to take place – plus a recap of what sold well on Prime Day 2021 in June

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 has now come to an end, and what a deal fest it was. This year we saw the mother of all sales over the 48-hour period with the best deals matching or beating previous Prime Day sale prices.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

You're keen! If you're after another massive sale, the next big one to look out for is the Black Friday sale. This year Black Friday is on Friday 26 November, with Cyber Monday following it on 29 November. However, you can expect the Black Friday deals to kick off a month ahead of that date, and then run pretty much through to Christmas.

There's also a possibility of a SECOND Prime Day in 2021. More on that rumour further down the page.

In terms of an Amazon Prime Day 2022 date, in previous years that would have been an easy prediction: some time in mid July, as it was in 2017, 2018 and 2019. But in 2020, due to the pandemic, Prime Day moved to October, and for 2021, Amazon moved Prime Day to Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 June, citing clashes with summer travel and the Olympics as the reason to move it from its traditional July slot. I think that for 2022 Prime Day will move back to mid July.

So my current prediction for the Amazon Prime Day 2022 date is this: Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place on Monday 11 July and Tuesday 12 July, 2022.

So what did you buy over Prime Day 2021? Our data shows the most popular products that you bought via our websites. They're listed in the widget below in case you want to hunt down a late bargain (and yes, some of them are still showing a price cut). We also have additional data from Amazon and US insights firm Numerator.

Amazon UK contacted us with some info on how Prime Day went down at their end. Here's what they told us:

We also have some interesting data from insights firm Numerator. It says that in the US, the average Prime Day 2021 order size was $44.75, down from $54.64 on Prime Day 2020 and $58.91 on Prime Day 2019. One in 10 households (11%) who shopped Prime Day placed 5+ orders throughout the event. More than half (55%) placed 2+ orders.

In a survey of 3,132 verified Prime Day buyers, Numerator found that one in 10 Prime Day buyers (10%) joined Amazon Prime since the onset of COVID-19. 2% of those joined on Prime Day 2021. Top categories that Prime Day buyers reported purchasing are Health & Beauty (28%), Consumer Electronics (28%), Household Essentials (27%), Apparel & Shoes (27%), Home & Garden (26%), and Smart Home Devices (17%). Among those who bought smart home devices on Prime Day, two-thirds (66%) said their purchase was Amazon-branded.

Will there be a second Prime Day in 2021?

Here's an interesting prospect... There have never been two Prime Day events in a single year before but a Recode report says that Amazon explored the idea of a second Prime Day for Autumn 2021. Whether it will go ahead or not is not known. Recode writes: "It's unclear if such an additional event is still under consideration." One interesting thing to note is that Amazon had to cancel Prime Day Canada due to Covid, so there is likely to be a second Prime Day… in Canada, at least.

If there is second Prime Day in 2021, I'd expect it to take place in mid-October, so that it has a bit of distance from the Black Friday sales, which are likely to kick off up to a month ahead of Black Friday itself, which falls on Friday 26 November this year. Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 October would align to last year's delayed Prime Day, should Amazon wish to continue with the precedent it set in 2020, and following that second Prime Day sale event (if it happens) I'd expect to see early Black Friday sale deals start to drop from the beginning of November.

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