Best Black Friday deals 2021: the best early sales to shop now

Here's what to expect of Black Friday deals this year – plus early sales you can shop right now

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Black Friday deals and sales are already starting to show up this year, with retailers like Amazon kicking off their Black Friday sale almost a month earlier than expected. While it seems like the holiday shopping season kicks off earlier each year, 2021 has the task of following up with the rocky Black Friday 2020 shopping season.

With Black Friday sales looming on the horizon, concerns of shipping delays and stock shortages are starting to show for many – and for good reason. If you missed out on Prime Day this year, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the holidays you'll be shopping for Christmas gifts alongside millions of other shoppers.

Black Friday is always the biggest shopping event of the year. This year looks to be no exception, with deals on the latest tech including discounts on some of the best 4K TVs to price drops Xbox Series X consoles, top-rated wireless headphones to powerful smart speakers,  savings on the best 2-in-1 laptops and more.

So what will be the key to nabbing the best Black Friday deals this year? Starting early. We've put together this guide to help you shop for the best Black Friday deals and sales right now. From prepping the items you want to buy to knowing who and where to buy from, our guide aims to help make the biggest sale of the year just a bit easier to navigate.

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Best Early Black Friday Deals Today

T3's Black Friday 2021 predictions

We've been covering Black Friday for well over a decade here at T3, helping our readers bag the best discounts and offers available each holiday shopping season. As such, we're very well placed to predict what sorts of deals we can expect this year in 2021. Below we've listed what we expect to happen on many key products and categories that we feel will be in high-demand in terms of deal hunters.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 12: Shoppers should expect the iPhone 12 to be discounted significantly in the run-up to and during Black Friday thanks to the introduction of the iPhone 13. There will be plenty of deals on the iPhone 13, too, but in order to bag the phone for free or even cheap, then users will still have to trade in their old handset and shop around networks for the best deal.

Apple Watch, AirPods and iPads: From what T3 has heard in the Black Friday deals rumour mill, each one of these products are getting healthy discounts this winter shopping season. We're looking at $50 off the current-gen 10.2-inch iPad, while the new Apple Watch 7 launch leaves scope for the Apple Watch series 6 to fall. In terms of AirPods, we saw the cheapest ever price on them last Black Friday, and this year we're expecting another $10-20 to be cut off their price. AirPods Pro are also likely to get a price cut, while the 2020 MacBook Air is already being discounted.

4K TVs and OLED TVs: Expect 4K TV deals to frequently break through the $300 barrier this year, however, those panels will not be the best on the market. Mid-range 4K HDR panels will drop below $500, though, and especially from Chinese manufacturers like TCL. The real bargain hunters will no doubt be after 4K OLED TVs, though, and specifically those made by the kings of OLED LG. We think the 55-inch LG CX will drop below $1,000 this Black Friday, and will be one of the hero TV deals we see.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: This is really depressing information to write, but our sources say that it is still going to be really hard to buy a PS5 this winter holiday season. Needless to say, there won't be any discount on it, either. Scalpers and component shortages are still serious issues and while there will likely be PS5 stock going live over Black Friday, you're going to have to be very quick on the draw to bag it. Xbox Series X will be easier to buy, though, and we're expecting stock to be more available in the run-up to the holidays.

Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED: Expect a sizeable price drop on the Nintendo Switch as well as simply loads of bundle deals on the console. Switch Lite will also get the same treatment. We're expecting Switch Lite to ring in for under $180, and the Nintendo Switch could hit $250. The Nintendo Switch OLED won't be discounted, and just getting one could be tricky. Bundle deals on the Switch OLED could be the best bet for many gamers, as we're expecting a lot of retailers to load on games and accessories due to the limited stock (thereby shifting more products for the retailer).

Mattresses and beds: It is a well-known fact that November is the cheapest month of the year in terms of mattress deals, with only the new year sales coming close in terms of discount. Mattress deals hunters should expect $300-500 sliced off mattresses from brands like Nectar, Saatva and Purple, and similar amounts off bed frames, too. Pillows, mattress covers and bedding will also be available with big discounts applied. Key to bagging the best deals on Black Friday will be the use of deal codes, so look out for them on manufacture websites.

Headphones: Expect to see the in-demand Sony WH-1000XM4 noise cancellers to get a strong but limited stock discount. However, the previous-gen XM3s could be the better buy, as we're expecting them to fall below the $200 mark. Beats by Dre headphones will likely also get large discounts, with the Solo Pro, Solo3 Wireless and Studio3 Wireless in line for cost carves. Bose, B&W and B&O will also be running Black Friday sales, so for the audiophile, the 2021 Black Friday sale is looking like a great time to upgrade.

Below you'll find live prices for a selection of products that we think are ripe for a Black Friday discount, and as you can see, some of the products are already on sale (but bear in mind that they may go back up in price before being reduced again for Black Friday).

Biggest Black Friday Sales

In terms of product offering, these'll be the Black Friday sales you'll want to check out. These cover the most categories for those looking to do a bit of gift shopping, and will offer a great selection of deals an inexpensive gifts to browse through.

Upcoming Black Friday 2021 Sales

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While this will come down to what specifically you're looking to buy, there are a few main retailers that'll have a good selection of products on sale. Of course, Amazon is the most popular choice for deal hunters with a massive Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sale. Flash sales, surprise Black Friday deals and huge discounts of up to 75% and more 

That shouldn't turn you away from checking out retailer specific sales though, many of them have exclusive deals happening throughout their own Black Friday sales. While most retailers are still gearing up for the big sale day, you can head over to their Black Friday deals landing page to sign up for notifications and alerts.

There will be plenty of Black Friday sales come November 26th to shop through. As the biggest holiday shopping day of the year, bargain hunters will find everything from clothing to electronics, home goods, video games, and more on sale.

Here's where you'll want to shop this Black Friday and where you'll find the best Black Friday deals of the year. Some may already have discounts available, so don't be afraid to check out their best deals today!

Best Black Friday Deal Guides

T3 covers some of the best Black Friday sales of the year with in-depth guides to help you save. Check out just what is on sale right now and where you can find some sweet Black Friday deals this season.

Best Black Friday Deals FAQs

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday this year falls on Friday, November 26, 2021. Cyber Monday is on Monday, November 29.

Falling on the Friday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday signals the official start of the holiday shopping season. Each year, stores bring hundreds of deals and discounts on last-gen and current products. As with last year though, Black Friday sales may go even longer with some retailers stretching sales out for a full two months.

What should you expect for Black Friday 2021?

In 2020, Black Friday kicked off early thanks to a complete shift in the holiday shopping season, starting with the delay of Prime Day and morphing into a full two months of Black Friday sales and special events.

For shoppers this meant non-stop savings for nearly eight weeks. Major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart all kicked off in early October with early Black Friday deals, and just about everyone followed suit to get in on the action.

If you're planning a major purchase or two then it might be worth holding off until you've seen the sort of prices that are available over the Black Friday weekend. We will of course be bringing you all the best Black Friday 2021 deals right here on the T3 website to save you from searching.

In terms of tech we can look forward to major price drops on smartphones, laptops, TVs, tablets, headphones, wearables, smart speakers, games consoles, digital cameras and more besides. Just about every category of gadget should be involved in the Black Friday 2021 sales extravaganza.

Other categories that we've seen covered in previous Black Fridays include deals on home, kitchen, beauty and jewellery items, so there really is something for everyone when it comes to picking through the discounts you can get hold of.

When should you start shopping for Black Friday deals?

While many retailers will kick off their Black Friday saving events closer to the holiday weekend, it's a good idea to start shopping right now for a couple of reasons.

First, as many may have noticed last year as well as over the past 10 months since the 2020 holiday season, shipping has become a bit more tricky. Depending on what exactly you're hoping to buy this year, it may be tough for some sellers to guarantee arrival on or before Christmas.

Secondly, some items stock may be very limited this year. As we've seen with big ticket items like Sony's PS5, getting your hands on one of these has been a big challenge this year. Shortages in components and other oddities may limit stock or supply in some areas, so it's possible to expect delays because of this as well. 

Thankfully, retailers are catching on to this and are starting their Black Friday sales a bit earlier than usual. It's rumored Amazon will kick something off sometime in October, but until we have concrete word on that it's possible we wont see their "official" Black Friday savings events until November.

I say "official" because in many cases there's deals already happening that are matching Black Friday prices throughout the month of October and November anyways. So smart shoppers can still save quite a bit ahead with early Black Friday deals just by checking out current deals and offers on their favorite site.

Almost all retail sites have a special spot dedicated to anything on clearance, open box discounts and even special savings events they may not announce. It never hurts to check early, and if this years holiday shopping season plans to follow suit from last year, it could save you quite the headache to start shopping now.

How many Black Fridays are there in 2021?

There's only one Black Friday in 2021 this year, same as most years. While the pandemic of 2020 changed the scheduling of most major sales days (including Prime Day), Black Friday isn't held down by a specific retailer or store to set the date. Standing on its own as the biggest sales day of the year, Black Friday 2021 will be at the same time as it's been since it's inception, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Some retailers may run their own "Black Friday" sales in earlier months, but in many cases the deals they offer don't quite match what you'll see during the actual Black Friday 2021 sale. You can still find great deals ahead of Black Friday of course, but if you want to truly save the most you'll want to hold tight until November comes around.

Who has the best Black Friday deals this year?

This will be a tough question to answer for 2021, as just about every retailer is going to pull out all of the stops to come out on top. With shipping delays expected and stock issues of concern, the safest best may be Amazon with the massive selection they have.

The downside of Amazon, however, is that since it's purely delivery there is a possibility your gift or package won't arrive before Christmas. If you absolutely have to get something ASAP, check local big box stores like Best Buy and see what they have online and available in-store. If you can pick the item up in store, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.

In general, whoever is going to have the best Black Friday deals this year is going to be the retailer with the most stock available. This holiday shopping season is expected to be just as crazy as ever, so stick to the big players at first to see what they've got.

Is Black Friday actually on Friday?

Yes! Black Friday always falls on the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Hence the name, "Black Friday".

The term "Black Friday" comes from essentially the opportunity this particular day brings for retailers, giving them a chance to come out of the red and into the black when it comes to profits and revenue.

Throughout the year, retailers tend to run at a loss depending on what they prioritize and sell. With Black Friday just after Thanksgiving and right before the holiday season, it's a day (now month) of deals that you won't see any other time of the year.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Shopping smart for the best deals during Black Friday 2021

While everyone loves waiting for Black Friday to show up, it's important to go into the holiday shopping season with a plan. There's a lot that goes on sale during the holiday months, and for some it can be both a blessing and a curse.

For gift shoppers, chances are you'll find everything on your list on sale during Black Friday but it's important to keep in mind shipping times this year. As with last years pandemic, it's easy to forget just how impactful these types of social situations are to shipping and receiving. Be sure to have your shopping list ready to go and grab products as early as you can. There's just no telling how slow shipping through UPS, USPS and other companies may be what with reduced staffing and other factors.

When it comes to buying for yourself, however, be ready for some competition! Items go on sale throughout the holiday season, some of which actually hit their Black Friday pricing well before the holiday, so if it's possible to grab that one thingy you've been waiting for early don't pass up the chance. There may be shortages on popular items, and as previously mentioned, possible shipping delays.

If you want to be smart this year when shopping for the best Black Friday deals, shopping on Black Friday may not be the best option. Keep an eye out on offers in the weeks leading up to the holiday shopping event. It's extremely likely this year that many retailers will kick off their sales early in an effort to ensure prompt holiday shipping times. Also, if an item is on sale the week or two prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it most likely will not go much cheaper come the actual sale day.

Black Friday deal shopping tips

Black Friday sales are like no other and many stores will be stacking discounts and deals on top of each other to bring shoppers the biggest savings. While general Black Friday sales will be happening throughout the course of November, deal hunters will find flash sales and limited time offers popping regularly throughout the day.

Following all those deals and flash sales is going to get confusing and difficult, so you'll want to make sure you've got your Black Friday shopping plan ready to go. Here are some tips to making sure you get the most out of your Black Friday deal shopping experience:

  • Set up shopping alerts and notifications at your favorite online stores

Many retailers offer email notifications and desktop alerts for their biggest sales when you sign up on their website. This is an excellent tool for those who don't want to waste time checking back regularly and ensures you see the best Black Friday sales and deals happen when they happen.

Following a store or brands Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds is also an excellent way to get a first look at upcoming Black Friday sales. You'll see updates and deals dropping quickly as we get closer to Black Friday sales, so having notifications setup will make sure you can jump on them before they're gone!

  • Compare prices and shop for the best deal available

While Black Friday deals tend to bring the best prices of the year, it doesn't hurt to make sure you're getting the best deal available on Black Friday. Be sure to shop around for the best deal available on the product you're looking for. Google apps and extensions like CamelCamelCamel can actively compare and provide previous sale prices on specific items, making sure you're paying the absolute best price on Black Friday.

It also helps to keep an eye on coupon sites like Retailmenot. These sites are great at providing coupons and other flash sale info, and can help ensure you save the most money during your Black Friday shopping spree. Whatever your method is, don't always take the first deal you come across. If someone has an amazing deal on that new pair of headphones you've been after, chances are there's someone else with an even better one going on during Black Friday sales.

  • Make sure you understand each stores return and refund policies

Black Friday sales are by far the best time to save big, but they can also come with fine print that many tend to skim over. Refunds and returns are special cases during Black Friday sales (especially this year with Coronavirus), so take the time to get yourself acquainted with return policies.

While it's always great to get that video game 50% off or that new TV during a smoking hot sale, it's an even bigger bummer to receive or buy the wrong item and be unable to return it. Take your time, make sure what you're buying is returnable or refundable and make sure everyone is happy during your Black Friday deal shopping.

  • Only shop with verified stores and use secure payment methods

With this year's Black Friday sales going to be primarily online, ensuring you use a safe and verified method of payment is going to be crucial. This is a great time for scammers and the like to prey on unknowing shoppers, so do everything you can to make sure your credit card info is safe and secure.

The good news is that all major stores will have a verified payment methods with secure processing for credit, debit and gift cards. What you'll want to keep an eye on is links and other outside articles that may redirect you to "mock" sales pages designed to collect your payment info.

Rest assured, all links provided by T3 are verified and will direct you to each retailers landing page but there are sites out there that may have other plans. Shop safely and never provide your credit card info to any site that seems sketchy. Trust your gut!

Black Friday Sale News & Updates

Oct 26 – LEGO recently confirmed that it too will be launching it's Black Friday sale in mid-November, offering a complete weekend of deals on their most popular sets. Scheduled to go live November 26 and run through November 29, the after-Thanksgiving savings event is sure to have a great selection of gift idea and LEGO deals everyone will love.

Oct 26 – Macy's recently announced an early line up of Black Friday deals this week, with their official Black Friday sale set to kick off later in November. While Macy's offers a great selection of clothing products for men, women and children, their focus tends to be around clean casual fashions and styles.

If you're hoping to grab some new threads this holiday season it just might be a good place to scope for Black Friday deals on shoes, clothing and more.

Oct 22 – The race for Black Friday is heating up as major retailers kick off their Black Friday sales even earlier than expected. As we come into the last week of October, it's apparent that this year is unlike any other.

Usually, Black Friday sales don't start until at the earliest the first or second week of November. Now that we've already got three main retailers offering Black Friday deals in October (Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart), it's clear that going forward the Black Friday shopping season is changing in a big way.

However, this year (and the previous) have been extraordinary circumstances for everyone. People have less money to spend and retailers are dealing with stock shortages and rising prices, so it's on these big time sellers to offer enticing enough deals to get people to buy.

While many shoppers seem to be holding tight to their hard earned cash this year, it's expected that cheaper Black Friday deals will still do very well. Anything under the $100 mark is expected to do well, as most shoppers still see this as a season to score some sweet deals on products they've been waiting for.

Christmas shoppers, however, may have a bit of a tougher time getting the gifts they want at a good price. It's not to say deals won't be available, but they'll be dealing with bots and shoppers all waiting for the product to go on sale this holiday season.

As we've mentioned numerous times in our guide, shopping for Black Friday deals early this year is the way to go. And with three major Black Friday sales happening right now, there's no reason to wait.

Oct 20 – Best Buy's Black Friday sale has officially kicked off early as well, following Amazon's path and offering Black Friday deals and prices a whole month early.

Guaranteeing Black Friday deal pricing starting October 19, Best Buy has switched to the holiday shopping season with a massive amount of deals to sift through. Offering early Black Friday deals on Apple products, gaming gear, laptops and other electronics, Best Buy's Black Friday sale is a must-see for those doing their holiday shopping early this year (which you should be!).

As noted in many other places in this article, stock shortages and shipping delays will be an issue this year and it's best to get a head start on shopping this year. While Best Buy can do its best to prepare with extra stock, they can't do much once the package is in the hands of a delivery service.

Oct 18 – Walmart's Black Friday deals are only weeks away, as the company revealed in a press release today that their Black Friday sale, the Deals for Days savings event, will be returning this year. Set to kick off November 3rd, Walmart has announced that there will be three Black Friday savings events throughout the month of November.

While they have released some early Black Friday deals that you can browse through here, the Walmart's official Black Friday deals won't show up until the first week of November. In the press release, Walmart went into details just how it was going to handle the pressing issues of Black Friday sales this year – namely shipping delays and stock issues.

Scott McCall, the executive VP and chief merchandising officer of Walmart, stated “our customers count on us to deliver an amazing Black Friday experience with the best prices year after year, and this year we’re making it even bigger and better with more ways to shop and more of every item.”

He went on to continue “the team has worked hard to prepare for another outstanding holiday season, and no matter how or where our customers choose to shop – from the shelf in a store, ordering online and picking it up curbside or having it delivered to their front door – they can depend on us for a safe and convenient shopping experience.”

Offering one of the largest selections of Black Friday deals, Walmart's Black Friday sale is one of the best to check out. Whether you're hoping to get your holiday shopping done early or you just want to treat yourself, this'll be one of the top sales of the year to do so.

Oct 15 – More reports of cargo ships and port delays are hitting the news, which may be concerning to hear for some. While the issue does look like it'll impact the Black Friday sale season this year, it's important to shop as early as you can to avoid waiting too long for your buy.

As we get closer to Black Friday, shoppers will be jumping on the best Black Friday deals as quickly as possible. Many of which will be resellers looking to take advantage of the low sale prices to make a good return, so It'll be important this year to temper expectations on just how low you'll be able to wait for a product to go.

Many of these buyers will use programs and data services to identify just when these products will be at there cheapest, allowing them a quick chance to buy in bulk at the best price. If you're shopping for gifts and want to make sure you get the chance to buy, you may have to buy for a little bit more than you had hoped but there's a much better chance of actually get the item your after.

Oct 11 – As we approach the holiday shopping season, concerns of supply chain issues may be running through everyone's mind. A legitimate problem to be concerned with, it's becoming apparent that some local stores and larger big box stores are having trouble keeping certain products in stock.

Noted on Sky News, a Black Friday shopping boost is expected as recent reports are showing an upward trend of buying over the past few weeks. With what many shoppers experience last year, this was expected for the 2021 holiday shopping season.

Whether you're shopping for gifts or just hoping to score some crazy good deals this Black Friday, follow the advice you're seeing and start shopping right now. While there's no guarantee there will be shipping delays and stock issues this year, it's highly likely and could cause for some headaches this holiday season.

Oct 6 – If you're aware of the current situation with shipping companies like UPS, USPS and FedEx, then it's a smart idea to start looking and shopping for Christmas gifts right about now. Many retailers are picking up on the possibility of shipping delays later this year (remember how last year went?), and are acting accordingly by kicking off Black Friday deals and sales a bit earlier than expected.

Amazon, for example, has kicked off its Epic Daily Deals event where each day they're dropping a hot new batch of discounts on home goods, electronics and more. Many of which match and in some cases beat their Prime Day pricing and last year's Black Friday pricing.

One offer of which includes an amazing $70 off the Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, dropping to their second lowest price ever ahead of Black Friday. Already the best wireless earbuds to grab, these things are down to an unbeatable price.

So if you're hoping to get a head start and beat the holiday rush, now's the time to do so at Amazon!

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