PS5 stock tracker: where to buy PS5 in the next 24 hours

Find out where to buy PS5 with T3's PS5 stock tracker. We track PS5 restocks every day

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If you want to buy PS5 then T3's PS5 stock tracker can help you identify the best retailers to check out for a fresh PS5 restock.

We follow all the PS5 stock trackers in the USA, UK and Australia to try and help gamers discover when PS5 consoles are going to be made available, and then point them towards them.

Our PS5 stock guide cannot guarantee you will buy PS5, but it certainly can help you say up to date on the current situation.

Simply select your region from the nearby menu to jump straight to retailers to check for PS5 consoles today, or scroll down to see the full range. After all, remember that the PlayStation 5 isn't region locked, meaning that a console bought from a retailers outside of your region will work in yours and with your region's games.

We've heard from plenty of gamers who have managed to buy a PS5 in this way, so be sure not to restrict yourself geographically. After all, a bit extra on international postage is preferable to getting ripped off by a scalper for two or even three times what the PS5 is actually worth.

Right now in April more Sony PlayStation 5 consoles than ever before are hitting retailers, and we've already seen tens of thousands of consoles made available this week, so now really is the time to stick it to the scalpers and get the PS5 console you deserve.

According to the latest information from stock trackers, multiple retailers in both the USA and UK are set to release tens of thousands more PS5 consoles this week, so now is absolutely the time to scope out likely retailers.

Where to buy PS5 in the USA

Amazon US
Amazon is getting more PS5 consoles imminently, so we advise all gamers to head to the store now, log in, and then keep a close watch on the PlayStation 5 product pages for sudden drops. Amazon also has one of the widest ranges of PS5 games and accessories, too.View Deal

Walmart has been a great place to buy PS5 over the last couple of months, with numerous PlayStation 5 restocks going live. It also has one of the biggest selections of games and accessories on offer, too, with the HD Camera and DualSense available. Unlike some stores Walmart is actively combatting scalper bots, so once it has another PS5 restock, we advise heading over there for a fair chance at picking up a console. View Deal

Best Buy
Best Buy has had a number of PS5 restocks since launch and has been selling the PlayStation 5 in various bundles, too, including things like extra controllers and games. It usually releases PS5 stock in waves, and PS5 stock trackers advise the consoles are pick up only, so check your local store's stock once Best Buy has another PS5 restock.View Deal

PlayStation Direct
Sony released multiple waves of PS5 consoles over the past month, having eager fans queue just before the stock drop to get their hands on a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition.  It usually advises an hour plus waiting time when you land on the page, and the Disc version usually goes live first, so be prepared to put your time.View Deal

Target has been tipped as getting a new wave of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles this week, so we advise gamers to make an account and check the product page repeatedly. It's not had the biggest tranches from what we've seen, though, so you'll have to be quick on the trigger to bag one.View Deal

GameStop has PS5 consoles available this week, however this tranche of consoles is now sold out. More systems are expected at the US gaming giant soon, though, so it's a destination worth checking every single day.View Deal

Costco released its PS5 consoles as part of bundle deals, so if you're prepared to spend a little more to bag a system with an extra controller, a PS Now pass and a game then it could be a great place to shop. Of course, Costco only sells to its members, though, so you'll need to be a member to score one.View Deal

Midwest retailer Meijer released its PS5 stock online to mPerks members only. However, you had to be local to the stores, as it only offered pickup, not delivery. We'll be keeping an eye on the retailer in case it joins the fray again, and we advise you make an account beforehand, so you can snap up a console if it does. And outside bet though for many gamers.View Deal

Where to buy PS5 in the UK

Amazon UK
Amazon UK has been tipped by PS5 stock checkers to drop thousands of more PS5 consoles imminently, so sign in, get that product page up, and refresh like a madman. Amazon has one of the most robust stores in terms of not crashing and getting people through checkout, so well worth scoping out.View Deal

Very are tipped to release more PS5 consoles this week, so now is the time to sign in to the store and refresh that product page. Very does bundles as well as single consoles, too, so gamers have double the chance to score a system.View Deal

GAME has been called to drop PS5 consoles this week. We advise gamers to sign in to the store now and follow the firm's social media channels, as well as UK stock trackers on Twitter for info of more drops. Looks like one of the best places to buy PS5 in the next few days.View Deal

Argos dropped thousands of more PS5 consoles in the early hours of March 2nd. It is now sold out. Looks like there will be another two week to four week gap now before more arrive at the retailer. As such, right now this does not look like a destination with stock, but we still advise gamers to double check.View Deal

Currys PC World are about to drop a new tranche of 40,000 PS5 consoles, so stock trackers report, making it a big destination for gamers looking for the PlayStation 5. Currys has been disappointing in terms of store stability though, and scalpers have run riot in its previous stock drops, though, so prepare for the worst.View Deal has been good for gamers getting PS5's as not only has it had multiple stocks of consoles, but it also has been operating a lottery system to get them. That means that scalper AI bots cannot buy them all up in seconds. Right now both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are listed as 'coming soon', so this is definitely a smaller retailer to keep and eye on.View Deal

ShopTo rolled out more PS5 stock at the start of the January at a discounted price. That discount only ended up being a few pennies, but we wouldn't expect a PS5 price drop this soon after launch anyway. The main draw was that it was back in stock. ShopTo is another one to watch over the coming weeks.View Deal

The Game Collection
The Game Collection has a wide-variety of PS5 games and hardware listed on its site and is an outside bet for more consoles in early 2021. We've heard from many gamers who have bagged hard to find accessories like the PlayStation 5 Media Remote and Pulse 3D Wireless Headset via The Game Collection.View Deal says "Sorry, PlayStation 5 is currently unavailable." Enough said. It does have PS5 accessories in stock though, including the Sony PlayStation 5 HD Camera and Sony PlayStation 5 Media Remote.View Deal

John Lewis
John Lewis dropped a new tranche of PS5 consoles on the morning of February 18, but unfortunately these are now sold out and there is no word as to when more will be made available. We'd expect mid-March before we see more.View Deal

Smyths Toys
Smyths Toys was amongst the retailers that got a PS5 restock last week, but it quickly sold out, as you'd expect.  The website says its next influx of stock in February, so we suggest gamers keep a very close eye on its PlayStation 5 product pages over the next day or two.View Deal

Where to buy PS5 in Australia

Amazon AU
Amazon rolled out what looked like a global PS5 at the start of the month, and savvy customers took advantage by placing orders in different countries as the PS5 isn't region locked. It had another PS5 restock last week, which has since sold out. The retailer doesn't give advance warning, so we recommend checking often.View Deal

Sony Store Australia
Both versions of the Sony PS5 have now sold out at the official Australian Sony Store. There were more consoles available on the US site last month, so check in often in case the Australian site also gets another influx.View Deal

JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi's PS5 consoles are now listed as out of stock, with the landing page for the system reading, "due to high demand and limited stock allocations from Sony we are not taking further orders at this time." It advises checking the page for updates, but for now, it's not looking promising. View Deal

Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman's PS5 pre-orders are all out, but both the full fat PS5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition are listed as "coming back soon", so worth keeping an eye on.View Deal

EB Games
Not what gamers want to see: EB Games is currently sold out of both consoles and also, those sold out consoles were for a "2021 shipment". Sheesh, talk about a let down. Can't say waiting months after release is the stuff that gaming dreams are made of.View Deal

The Gamesmen
The Gamesmen, unsurprisingly, don't have any PS5 consoles in stock. We think we won't see any more systems at this retailer for months. Disappointing.View Deal

Where to buy PS5 Digital Edition